What we do.

Ohara Bros, co, Inc. has been established in Tokyo Japan. We are a motion picture production. Producing entire production and Directing whole sequences of features. Specially, we are excel at creating action scenes using experienced action directors and stunt coordinators. Also we relate to numbers of distribution companies those bring Japanese films to the world wide audiences.


*Project and production of any kinds of movies such as film, TV dramas, and many more.
*Importing and exporting of films and distribution rights.
*Sales of movies and image software to foreign countries.
*Rental of stunt equipments.
*Sending stunt players, fight choreographers, stunt coordinators and wire work coordinators.
*Safety advising.

Stuffs we present

Wire Works/Fling planning
Providing superhuman moves, excessive expression of comedy and fantastic anacatesthesia using wire work equipments.
Stunts/Stunt doubles For dangerous and difficult moves, we supply stunt performers in place of the actors/actresses.
Theatrical combat Japanese traditional sword performance called "Chanbara", what represent age of old era.
Real fighting
Staged combat
From one against one to one against large group, we provide remarkable choreographies that fit the scenes best.
Martialarts guidance Karate, Judo, Chinese Kung Fu, Muey Thai and Capoeira…We correspond any kinds of Martial Arts guidance.
Training Actors and Actresses From basic staged combat to stunt falls, we train actors/actresses with the menu that fits them best.
Safety advising IEven just a small fall or just to run, sometimes those can be dangerous for performers. We guide the best way to do them.

about Action Derector.

Action Drecting is the all processes from the proposal to making a picture.



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