• Directed by Go Ohara

    Kabaddin!!!!!! -hanafubuki high school-

    2014, on theater

    Synopsis: Although it was Ryuichi Makino who was playing an active part as a star player of a high school basketball community, self-centered character suffers misfortune. It is involved in a violence incident and a basketball part will be expelled. It was invitation whether the beauty-in-the-bud sunny place of a mystery appeared there, and kabaddi aimed at the representative of Japan. Although it is charmed by the depth in the inner part of the friends of rich individuality, or kabaddi although it is Ryuichi who did not make it a partner, and it began to become earnest in the beginning ... Although it is simple, in the back, the hot tale of the deep men devoted to "kabaddi" Now, it starts.

    Director/Action Director : Go Ohara
    Produce by : "kabaddin!!!!!!" Production committee
    Starring : Shogo Suzuki , Hiroyuki Someya , Tomoru Akazawa , Yoshimura Takuya , Ryohei Tsuruta , Teppei Sasayama , Jyunpei Sasayama , Arisa Komiya

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  • Directed by Go Ohara

    An Assassin

    2011, on theater
    DVD is sold in Japan

    All of scenes were shot in Sendai Miyagi, famous as a shrine grove. This movie will make you enjoy modern and violent actions with refined scenic beauty of Japan, and show the view of the Japanese Film Noir!

    Synopsis: Ryo Hanaki was raised to be a professional assassin. One day he was defeated by some accident in the mission. Here he meets Rio, an attractive high school girl. He spent days as a heartless assassin, but his life starting changes after he helps Rio. By a twist of fate, Rio who was a complete unknown became an assassin target overnight. A single mistake from his decision to save Rio decided the destiny of the masses…

    And also this project won’t able to be completed without the cooperation of people in Miyagi. We all dedicate this film to all the victims of the earthquake in North East Japan. All the casts and crew are wish for the earlier recovery for them.

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  • Directed by Go Ohara

    -Gothic & Lolita Psycho-

    Martial Arts Action + Japanese Grotesque Art+Gothic&Lolita  

    GO OHARA directed " Geisha vs Ninja" as his debut directed film to introduce Japanese action movie to all over the world.
     "DEATH TRANCE", "Chanbara Beauty", "Lion Maru G" are also his work as an action director.

    YOSHIHIRO NISHIMURA is famous as splatter art modeler.His work is "tokyogorepolice", "The Machine Girl",and "Robot Geisha"
    This is great collaboration of the best action and splatter art in Japan!

    Moreover, J.A.P. Inc. will take part in as costume coordinator.
    J.A.P Inc. is guru of accessories for underground culture design in Japan.

    It's FULL of core Japanese beauty, art, and action!

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    Director Go Ohara first feature film ,
    [Geisha VS ninjas] has been featured on OTAKAU USA magazine.

    The name was renewed from "GEISHA VS NINJA" to "Geisha Assasin"
    and it is now selling at the North American market from May 5th.

    Our superviser Go Ohara, received the interview.

    After Resident Evil and Kill Bill, a new style of martial arts action movie was born!
    Product Description
    Directed by Go Ohara (the action director from Death Trance),
    "Geisha Assassin"follows the story of Kotono (newcomer Minami Tsukui), a beautiful geisha who inherits a secretly-guarded sword and uses it to pursue Hyoe, the man who killed her father.
    Throughout her quest to face-off against Hyoe,
    Kotono battles Japan`s most notorious female ninjas and assassins
    only to learn a hidden secret.

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