• Directed by Go Ohara

    An Assassin

    show the view of the Japanese Film Noir!! 

    All of scenes were shot in Sendai Miyagi, famous as a shrine grove. This movie will make you enjoy modern and violent actions with refined scenic beauty of Japan, and show the view of the Japanese Film Noir!

    GO OHARA directed " Geisha vs Ninja" as his debut directed film to introduce Japanese action movie to all over the world.
    "DEATH TRANCE", "Chanbara Beauty", "Lion Maru G" are also his work as an action director.

    Ryo Hanaki was raised to be a professional assassin. One day he was defeated by some accident in the mission. Here he meets Rio, an attractive high school girl. He spent days as a heartless assassin, but his life starting changes after he helps Rio. By a twist of fate, Rio who was a complete unknown became an assassin target overnight. A single mistake from his decision to save Rio decided the destiny of the masses…

    Director : Go Ohara "Gothic&Lolita Psycho, GEISHA VS NINJA , Chanbara Beauty , DEATH TRANCE"
    Originar Writer : Fuyuki Shindo "an assassin"
    Screen Play : Hiroyasu Kubota
    Go Ohara
    Executive Producer : Yasuomi Ota
    Producer : Tomotaka Misawa
          Tadashi Iwabuchi
    Music : Noriyuki Asakura "TENCHU series"
    Cast : Ryoma Baba , Yuki Kubota , Sayuri Iwata , Kohei Otomo , George Takahashi
    Production : "anassassin" Production committee

    officialHP : http://www.an-assassin.com

    It was published!



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