• Directed by Go Ohara

    Gothic&Lolita Psycho

    Martial Arts Action &Japanese Grotesque Art&Gothic&Lolita  

    GO OHARA directed " Geisha vs Ninja" as his debut directed film to introduce Japanese action movie to all over the world.
    "DEATH TRANCE", "Chanbara Beauty", "Lion Maru G" are also his work as an action director.
    YOSHIHIRO NISHIMURA is famous as splatter art modeler.
    His work is "tokyogorepolice", "The Machine Girl", and "Robot Geisha".
    This is great collaboration of the best action and splatter art in Japan!
    Moreover, J.A.P. Inc. will take part in as costume coordinator. J.A.P Inc. is guru of accessories for underground culture design in Japan. It’s FULL of core Japanese beauty, art, and action!

    Gothic and Lolita…the fashion reflects her dark and childish mental.
    YUKI, the heroine, saw her mother killed by cruel gangs. She vow revenge! Knock off the enemies with her transformable umbrella. So gorgeous and so savage…
    Who killed mother? What the hell are the gangs? What is the truth and purpose that father knows?
    Her coming terrible destiny is going with the dead bodies…

    Director : Go Ohara "GEISHA VS NINJA , Chanbara Beauty , DEATH TRANCE"
    Writer : Hisakatsu Kuroki
    Starring : Rina Akiyama
    Cast : Rina Akiyama , Ruito Aoyagi , Minami Tsukui , Yurei Yanagi
    Producer : Jyun Nakajima "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl"
         Hitoyuki Sasaki Art Modeling : Yoshihiro Nishimura "tokyogorepolice , The Machine Girl , Robot Geisha"
    Produce by : "Gothic & Lolita Psycho" Production committee
    Production : DHE Co., Ltd.
    Time : 88min.


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